2018 Q3 Review: Learnings & Experiences

What’s up guys,

Quarter 4 of the year is coming up and what better way to prepare for this new quarter than to review my quarter 3 with my learnings and experiences.

A lot of things happened in this period, and I mean a lot.

I’ll try not to talk a lot about myself and make this useful for you guys as well.

Oh… for the people that don’t know what I mean by quarter 3, I mean July – September. Duhhh… a quarter is 3 months.

1. Events photographer

My first time being a photographer at an event (toastmasters anniversary). I was pretty nervous as it was my first time taking photos of an important and it felt like a big responsibility because everyone was counting on me to take amazing photos of the event. I think I decent. Good to be acknowledged of my hobby to take cool pics. I’ll definitely work on this more.


2. Buying my business partner out

My friend and I started an affiliate site early last year (2017). We were noobs and didn’t know what we were doing but this year all of a sudden, the website took off and is generating some good cash flow and the best part is that its passive income!

We always argued here and there this year but finally… I was sick of it and he was sick of it too.

Long story short, I bought him out.

I thought the friendship could be salvaged as we were great friends but… it takes both parties to participate… I think the friendship is ruined now…

Lesson: Don’t get into business with friends and family unless you set clear boundaries and expectations. It can ruin great friendships.

3. Having minions underneath me

I was always the marketer doing the grunt work and getting my hands dirty. However, I realized there’s only 24 hours in the day and only a finite amount of things you can do on your own. I now have a team of 3 underneath me. It’s pretty challenging micromanaging people, teaching them stuff, being an effective leader whilst at the same time, getting your shit done.

It’s a great challenge trying to be an effective leader and it’s something I want to master.

Lesson: If you show people on your team that you genuinely care about their growth and take time to mentor them, they will really want to repay your efforts by doing awesome work.

Lesson: Be normal to your team. I always thought if you were a boss/leader, you have to act professionally to your team and use jargon words to sound smart. Fk that. I just talk to them like I would talk to them as a friend. It shows you’re a normal guy and that you’re not trying to impress them (of course there’s a fine line between being friends and a boss)

4. Took action against my public speaking anxiety

I started a 30-day challenge to deal with my public speaking anxiety while at the same time joined Toastmasters. I’ve been meaning to take care of this the past 8 years but never got round to it. You’re never going to be ready and if you keep telling yourself you’ll do it, you probably won’t. You just have to jump in and take action.


5. Making the same money as when I was a civil engineer

Back in June, I was managing 3 websites but seeing very little ROI from them – 2/3 of them were hit with a penalty zzz.

Out of nowhere, things started to look up and I realized I’m making the same money as I did when I was a civil engineer. The good thing is that I’m location independent and I can work anytime. Also, I get to work with people I fucking love working with (so much better than hanging out with boring engineers – no offense ha!).

Shit feels good.

6. Really implemented a morning routine.

When you implement a morning routine, you have a good baseline to go to when you work in a hectic environment.

Just by doing this every morning, I feel a lot calmer, and it’s a great start to the day.

My morning routine goes something like this:

  1. Wake up within 1 min of your alarm
  2. Make my bed
  3. Mediate for 10 mins (use headspace app)
  4. Boil kettle (for green tea)
  5. Cold shower
  6. Make green tea
  7. Read a passage from the daily stoic (stoic philosophy)

It’s not that complex. You should try it and give me your thoughts.

7. Traveled a lot

The reason why I started working online was the freedom to travel and this quarter I really achieved that.

  • Hong Kong
  • Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
  • Bangkok

Whenever I went to the different place, I always learned something about myself, especially in Hong Kong. So guys, travel if you can. Doesn’t have to be a new country. It can just be the city next to you.



8. Getting interviewed by Youtuber with 350K subscribers

Met this guy about 2 years ago when I was at rock bottom. Then he flies me out to Vietnam so that he can interview me. Not sure, but it felt good.

9. Knowing what I want in life

Before I kind of knew what I wanted, but I did. After I did Jordan Peterson’s Future authoring program (Self Authoring), I have a better sense of what I want in life. Not just me but a lot of my friends have done with and really recommend it.

Now.. I know what I want with all the following categories:

  • Finance
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • etc

Lesson: Do this course ASAP:

10. New habits to be more productive:

If you don’t have the self-control or discipline to stop doing stuff you shouldn’t then do either eliminate, isolate or mitigate it (wow something in engineering finally came in handy)

Some things I implemented to be more productive… read blow

Lesson: Do the following to be more productive:

  1. Deactivate notifications of all applications on your phone – especially social media. Now I don’t have any red dots on notifications on my phone.
  2. Mute certain peoples Instagram stories (they post boring shit. Just mute it)
  3. Unfollow people on Facebook
  4. New wallpaper on my phone to remind me to stop wasting time and not doing things that I will regret when I’m 50 years old – see image below
  5. Mute skype and email notifications on the computer (especially the sound)
  6. Check emails 4 times a day (I’m gonna try get this to 2 times a day down the line)

11. DMT for the first time

Wasn’t gonna put this down but it’s a pretty interesting experience that everyone should try once.

Quote “The Most Powerful Psychedelic Drug”

You can read more about it here –

My experience – no words to describe it… all I know is I should chase the white rabbit.

Lesson: Try DMT at least once in your life

12. New Mastermind (high-level self-development)

I joined a new mastermind, and this shit is the holy grail.

I’ve learned a lot about myself, and the accountability is on fire.

Just remember that a mastermind is only as effective as the participants so if you feel you’re not getting the value from it, I’d leave if I was you.

A good way to tell if it’s good is if people are VERY harsh on you and that you’re HARSH on them.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Q3 is probably the most change I had this year, hence why I’m writing this post (also one of my goals is to produce a blog post for this week…).

I’m so pumped for quarter 4. One of my biggest goals for this quarter is to be more “superhuman”.

Stay tuned for something epic…

How was your Q3?

What are your goals for Q4? If you haven’t decided… you better start goal setting now so that you can finish 2018 with a bang.

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  1. Amazing. Developing a morning routine is also one of my goals; especially a sacred morning meditation. Sorry to read about your business partner but a big CONGRATS on everything! I can totally see you writing a book and being the Asian-New Zealander Tim Ferriss!!

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