30 Day Challenge – Failed (but Completed)

I have this thing called the “spotlight effect”. Here’s how I’m gonna beat it…

Yo guys,

So I decided to put a challenge to myself – a 30-day challenge to be exact.

I have this thing called the “spotlight effect“.

Whenever I feel I’m the center of attention, I get super nervous and stutter badly. It’s not just big crowds but small groups also, like 3+ people.

It’s been something I’ve been telling myself to sort out, but I’ve never done anything about it.

I’ll give you an example of what happens when I get nervous.

Talking one-on-one with my mentor is fine. But the other day, I had a meeting with my mentor and two of his business partners (a meeting with four people). They asked me a question and I got super nervous and just stuttered a lot. I probably said the word “right” like 20 times in the space of a minute.

“It’s cool, right?”

“I think we should do this, right?”.

“Like this, right?”

Now, I’m tired of being all talk.

I wanna be a guy that takes action.

Even one of my mentors called me out on it:


The 30 Day Challenge

The Challenge: Every day, I have to produce and upload a video to Youtube where I talk about anything.

Make sure to check back here regularly (or every day) where I tackle this challenge.

Day 1: Introduction

Day 2: Defining Your Dream Lifestyle

Dream lifestyle exercise: https://tim.blog/lifestyle-costing/

Day 3: Why You Should Be Hard On Yourself

Day 4: The 4 DiSC Personalities You Need To Know

Mads Singers (the guy that ran the workshop): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOXUE4LZGYQ

What is DiSC Personality? https://www.discprofile.com/what-is-disc/overview/

Day 5: Get Shit Done With This Technique

Day 6: Compare Yourself to Who You Were Yesterday, Not to Who Someone Else is Today

Day 7: The 4 Pillars To A Good Life

Day 8: Tell the Truth, Or At Least Don’t Lie

Day 9: Toastmasters: Tell the Truth, Or At Least Don’t Lie v2

 Day 10: The Importance of Morning Routines

Day 11: Stop Wishing & Start Asking “Can You Teach Me?”

Day 12: Judge Them By Their Actions, Not By Their Words

Day 13: You’re the Average of The 5 People You Spend The Most Time With

Day 14: Why You Should Start A Mastermind

I missed a day fuckkkkk – I was in the jungle. I’ll just carry on as normal… Also, I said day 15 in this vid…

Day 15: Stoic Philosophy

3 Stoic Books:

  1. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
  2. The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday
  3. The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

Day 16: 2 Ways to Be More Confident

Day 17: Relationships, Love, Monogamy

Day 18: Long-Term Health Game In Business

Day 19: Benefits of Changing Your Environment

Day 20: The Importance of Weekly Reviews

Day 21: Don’t Force Your Ideology Onto People, You’re Wasting Your Breathe

Day 22: Bad Blood: Anger is Unattractive

Day 23: Going Against Conventional Ways

Day 24: I Fucked Up

Day 25: Focus on the things that are within your circle of influence

Day 26: Weekly & Daily Reviews – How I Do Them

Day 27: How to transcend to a Higher Level

Day 28: Create more Identities for Yourself

I said Day 29 in this video. Zzzzz

Day 29: The Integer-grated Life – Why You Shouldn’t Compartmentalize

Day 30 – The Dangerous Power of Momentum

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