This blog dedicated to my journey to self-improvement.

Growing up, I was a shy, awkward, unconfident, and risk-adverse kid.

I still am, but there’s less of that now…

So how is this website different to the thousands of self-development blogs out there?

Well, I cut through all the bullshit.

Everything I write, I base it all on my life experience, my learnings, and failures.

What you’ll get are raw immediate learnings and practical tips.

You can follow my journey here and see me go from nothing to something:

Who Am I?

I’m Anthony if you haven’t figured that out by now.

I’m just a normal regular dude, born and bred in New Zealand. I was always an average kid, not really goal orientated and just went with the flow.

Coming back to New Zealand after my University exchange in America, I experienced a paradigm shift. I don’t know what happened, but I just wanted more out of life.

What’s the first step to getting more out of life?

By changing yourself.

Lost and confused, I turned to world-class achievers for guidance – They seemed to have all the answers. I just wanted to be like them.

These guys ooze charisma and confidence.

Like most successful people, they all are advocates of improving yourself every day.

I then changed my habits. No more video games. No more waking up late. Early mornings every day (I’m still working on this…). I started meditating and journaling every day. I started reading.

This is why I have a reading list on the blog. I hope to share and maybe, “ inspire” you guys to start reading. I was never into books, but after reading a few books, you start to view things differently.

Your mind shifts.

Where am I?

2015 June: Paradigm shift – I want more out of life

2015 Dec: Graduated with Civil Engineering degree

2016 June: Left (got fired) from my civil engineering job after 6 months

2016 Nov: Moved to Thailand after I landed my dream job at MonetizePros working as a marketing apprentice

2017 Jan: Moved to Vietnam to help build a marketing agency – Meeting so many established location independent entrepreneurs

2017 Oct Early: Burnt out, lost, and not sure where to go, I took a trip to Taiwan for a few weeks to recharge.

2017 Oct Late: I moved back to Chiang Mai where I was searching for “something”. I didn’t know what it was, but if it had to be anywhere in the world, it would be here. Funny thing is… I did find it.

2017 Nov: Go all in. Becoming an apprentice again under the minds of two of the world’s greatest affiliate SEOers.

2018: Making Chiang Mai, Thailand, my home base for most of the year. Going all in and leveling up my SEO skills while building an A team.

2018 Dec – Make $27,000 in December. Did I crack the code of making money online?