Who Are You Becoming?

If you asked my friends who I was three years ago (when I was 23), they would say something along the lines of: shy, awkward, unconfident, anxious, and not smart. Now, you ask people who I am now (26), they would say something along the lines of: confident, risk taker, does not give a fuck …

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Filling the Void

It’s 12:57 am on a Wednesday night. I’m lying on my bed in an Airbnb in Ho Chi Minh City. I’m telling myself: “WTF is the next step?” For the past few days and weeks, I’ve been repeating this over and over. Last week, I made $50K (that’s $75K NZD for my NZ friends) I’m …

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The Iron Mind

Mental Fortitude I’ve had A LOT of people tell me that I think like someone 10 years ahead of my time. Thanks for the compliment. Not too brag or anything, but it’s because I have an iron mind. 90% of the people in the world have a WEAK MIND, and in turn, this leads to …

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2018 Review

Jeez, that was quick. Here’s me doing another annual review. It’s funny to see the progression I made from the previous years – 2016 and 2017 The theme for 2018 this year was more focused on financial growth, forgoing some of my lifestyle hobbies just so I can have the freedom to go anywhere in …

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Happiness: My Take on It

One of the most asked questions (with no correct answer) is: “Whats the meaning of life?” Here’s my take on this question. Happiness. It’s simple. We’re here for a short time, and why not be happy while we’re here. I don’t get why people complicate this shit. First, what is it: “Happiness is a mental …

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