Filling the Void

It’s 12:57 am on a Wednesday night.

I’m lying on my bed in an Airbnb in Ho Chi Minh City.

I’m telling myself:

“WTF is the next step?”

For the past few days and weeks, I’ve been repeating this over and over.

Last week, I made $50K (that’s $75K NZD for my NZ friends)

I’m not saying I’m rich or anything, but that’s a ton of money for me. And it all happened overnight (well… a week).

As we men get further and further up in life – more money, more fame, more toys to play with – we’re always going to need a new goal. That’s just how we men are programmed.

If there’s no end to all this, then WTF is the point?

I’ve talked about this before so I’ll mention it again.

Life can be boiled down to 4 core areas:

  1. * Health
  2. * Wealth
  3. * Love
  4. * Happiness

Health – six-pack abs, lean muscle, not FAT and I have both my arms and legs – CHECK

Wealth – Freedom type of business and good money – CHECK

Love – Good dating life, OK relationship with family and surrounded by good friends – CHECK

Happiness – Happy? – CHECK

In all four areas, I’d say I’m AT LEAST an 8/10 which is ABOVE AVERAGE.

So… why the fuck do I feel like I’m missing something?

I have this fucking void.

In Tim Ferriss’ book – the 4-hour workweek – he talks about this.

He ends the book with an interesting chapter called “Filling the Void,” where he describes that a period of depression after “wealth” / “happiness.”

In essence, after stripping away the sense of business, career identity, and relationships, we are faced with the fundamental question: what is our purpose in life?

I believe that life exists to be enjoyed. That the most important thing is to feel good about yourself.

So, how do you feel good about yourself?

2 Things:

1. Keep learning and improving as a person.

I thought what’s the point of getting more and more money if there’s no end to it all. But money is not the point. It’s the growth from $1K/month to 10k/month to 20k/month. You’re a totally different person to get to that level. To get to that level, you have to change yourself and it’s that feeling that’s satisfying.

Comparing my current self to my 21-year self, I would say I’m 95% a totally different person.

Sharpening the blade every day.

I see no other option.

Action Plan: Raise my standards. I guess it’s to get to $10K/month first. then after that, 20k/month.

2. Doing something that improves the lives of others.

I can see why some of my friends are happy. The podcasters, YouTubers, influencers in the community. It’s because they’re giving back to the world, one way or another, providing video entertainment, creating online courses, providing employment opportunity, etc.

Maybe this is what I’ve been missing?

What has been my contribution to society?


Well, I guess I found the solution to my “void”.

Action Plan: Guess you’ll find out soon enough…

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  1. I feel the same which is why I’ve researched Ayahuasca and plan to enter the void and hopefully come out on the other side whole.

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