The Iron Mind

Mental Fortitude

I’ve had A LOT of people tell me that I think like someone 10 years ahead of my time.

Thanks for the compliment.

Not too brag or anything, but it’s because I have an iron mind.

90% of the people in the world have a WEAK MIND, and in turn, this leads to them not getting what they want – leading to them being unsuccessful.

To be successful, you NEED an Iron mind

There is a common perception that successful people got some kinda big break or luck.

Of course this is sometimes the case – but in reality, it’s down to ONE thing.

Successful people have a higher stress tolerance than less successful people.

It’s as simple as that.

Most people are “stressed” – why?

Work and the kids!


It’s not your company. You get paid the same no matter how the company performs.

You’re stressed over what?

The boss isn’t going to fire you for doing a sub-optimal job; you’ve been working sub-optimal since you were hired. What’s there to worry about?


The kids need some food. So cook it?


I listen to most people’s problems, the things that “stress” them and very quickly understand why they can’t progress further in life.

Their problems are so fucking trivial and minor that a COMPETENT person could tackle it with EASE.

You’re too lost in the emotion to realize what you’re doing:


That’s what pointless stress is.

The stress I’ve dealt with, and have to deal with, to be where I am today is just too much for 90% of people to handle.

You couldn’t imagine the stress I had to deal with going into my Muay Thai Fight.

Physically and mentally, not including the possibility of life long damage to my health and to my ego, all while working my full-time job and starting a side hustle.

Or that time I flew to Chiang Mai with no plan ahead, down to my last few G’s and tried to start an online business from scratch.

So what are you stressed with now?


Nothing worth stressing over.

Mental fortitude was what allowed me to get through my Muay Thai fight without getting my face broken, allowed me to get through depression (twice), allowed me to live in my car for a month, and allowed me to escape the rat race.

Now, I can pack my bags any time I want, go anywhere I want, and work whenever I want.

It’s total freedom.

There is no luck involved.

Only the ability to adopt so much stress that its IMPOSSIBLE to not succeed.


How do I build an iron mind?

1. Do more things that are hard
– Start a business. Be a manager. Start a side hustle (or two). Compete in a fight. Don’t get your toes wet, jump head first. Yes, it will be overwhelming, but your mind will adapt, and in turn, you will get stronger.

2. Surround yourself with winners
– Do your friends push you? If not, dump them. Do they complain all the time? Dump them. Do they play video games, watch Netflix and get stoned all the time? Dump them.

3. Be Combat Ready
– Your body is your temple. It’s only right that it houses your mind. Do combat sports (MMA, Muay Thai, and BJJ) and hit the weights.

4. Read
– Just fucking read. I don’t need to explain this. If you can’t read, listen to audiobooks.

5. Meditate
mental clarity and mental focus. It’s a fucking win-win.

2 thoughts on “The Iron Mind”

  1. I have no idea how I found this post of yours, but it’s so truthful and cuts out all the bullsh*t.
    Great read.
    Question though, how did your first fight go?

    1. I was fighting a guy with 10 fights under his belt.

      I got the lost but it’s all good. I was just doing it to face the demon inside me.

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