2018 Review

Jeez, that was quick.

Here’s me doing another annual review. It’s funny to see the progression I made from the previous years – 2016 and 2017

The theme for 2018 this year was more focused on financial growth, forgoing some of my lifestyle hobbies just so I can have the freedom to go anywhere in the world (with good internet access of course)

So, let me distill some of the most important lessons I learned this year so that you can somehow use it for yourself (nobody wants to read someone gloating about themselves).

Note, I notice that there isn’t any bad stuff in here… well not much. I seriously can’t think of anything bad this year. Things just somewhat worked out in the end…

Alright, enough talk. Let’s kick it off.

1. Implemented a Morning Routine

When I woke up in the past, I would go straight to my computer in my underwear and start working. No shower, no food, no water, nothing.

My stress levels were pretty up there.

I knew that a majority of high performers had their own morning routine, so I thought, fuck it. Why not?

When I started implementing a morning routine, I felt a lot calmer, a lot less stressed, and just feel a whole lot better about myself.

Here’s my routine:

  • Wake up and make my bed
  • Cold shower
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Drink green tea
  • Journal for 5 minutes (5-minute journal)

Lesson: Implement a morning routine if you really wanna excel. They’re seriously a game changer.

2. Started Meditating again

My mind constantly pins every second.

“I got to do this…”

“Oh shit… I forgot about that…”

“I wonder what’s the status of my package. Let me look up that tracking number…”

“I wonder if there’s anything interesting on Facebook…”

Lesson: Want to stop your brain from pinging everywhere? Want to focus better? Meditate. Watch this video on how:

3. Took my fitness more seriously

You hear it all the time – “working out is healthy, blah blah blah.“

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


But it seriously is true.

After rereading The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, I told myself that I wanted to become more superhuman. What do most superhumans look like? Athletic and well-built.

Alright… so… it looks like I gotta pack on some muscle.

I’ve bulked up in the past, but it was difficult. I had to force myself to eat. This time, I did it in a more methodical and science-based approach: exerting the least amount of effort while maximizing the greatest return of results.

Here is me 10 weeks into my bulk from 58 kg to 64 kg.


Your health is really important. If you can’t maintain your body, how are you going to conquer the world?

Lesson: Bulking is super difficult (for me that is). If you really want to do it right, you gotta be more methodical about it – how many calories do you need, grams of protein, carbs, and fat. What meals am I eating throughout the week? If you have it down on paper, you’ll less likely fail.

Lesson: Physical activity will really increase your output. You may think you’re wasting 1-1.5 hours at the gym but what you get in return is 10x productivity when you do work.

4. Joining Leadspring

So, at the start of 2018, I was trying to start my own SEO agency and acquire clients. I needed some side cash going so I just got a part-time job at LeadSpring – probably one of the best affiliate SEOers in the world. Next thing I know, I went from part-time virtual assistant to an SEO apprentice for two of the greatest SEO minds on the planet (Matt Diggity and Jay) to a project manager for a few affiliate sites. Shit went from zero to 100 real quick.

Apart from learning world leading SEO tactics and how to grow a website from nothing, I learned quite a lot about family. Look, I’m a pretty private, independent person that rarely shares my inner self (maybe that’s why I’m still single), but these guys adopted me like a stray cat and showed me what “family” is all about.


Lesson: A company doesn’t have to be a strict employer-employee relationship. If you want to create a really fucking powerful company, create a culture that goes beyond employer-employee relationship – i.e., Talk to your employees as if they’re human. When my mentor took me in, he created this relationship beyond an employer-employee mentality which is maybe why I worked my ass off.

Lesson: Leading a team is hard if you’re not a people person, but if it was easy, everyone else would be doing it

Lesson: The best people to work with are people that feel like family and people that will always have your back.

4. Meet (and hung out) with some of the world’s best SEOers on a daily basis

SEO is hard, and that’s why a lot of people don’t thrive in this industry, but if you can master it, the rewards are awesome.

It felt like just yesterday I knew nothing about online marketing, now, I hang out with some of the world’s best on a daily basis.

To be able to hang out with like-minded people, but on a whole different level, feels amazing.

It makes me hungrier than ever.

5. Earn more than my salary as an engineer

Making money online is no myth. You really can make a living online.

All those late nights hustling and grinding has finally paid off. I’m now seeing the fruits of my labor.

It’s funny, I was actually considering quitting near the start of the year, but, I trusted my mentor, believed in the process, and everything just started working all of a sudden.

No words to describe it really.

This shit feels sooooo good.

Lesson: If you’re trying to make it in business, don’t quit so easily. Get a mentor, believe in the system, and everything will eventually work out. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or the next month, but it will work out if you keep grinding it out.

Growing my website from $500 per month at the start of March to $27K/month to the end of December.

6. Getting Paid for SEO Consultations

I remember at the start of 2017, when I was a newbie, I attended this online entrepreneurs conference where the requirement was $10K/month from online earnings. At the conference, I really admired this one speaker – he had everything I wanted. An online business that’s basically passive and earning him $20k/month (at the time), investor into other businesses and basically traveling around the world partying – the playboy lifestyle.

Next thing I know, he comes to me for SEO consulting in 2018.

Crazy how someone I admired so much in SEO, comes to me for consulting.

Now, I can charge people $200 an hour for consulting.

Lesson: I actually have some value that people are willing to pay for my time.

7. Business Buy-Out

At the start of 2017, I started an affiliate website with a friend. Fast forward to mid-2018, we had a fallout, and in the end, I bought him out. The result? – losing a close friend.

Lesson: Never get into business with a friend (or family member) unless you have strict boundaries and guidelines on who works on what from the start.

8. Going to Australia

So I met this girl in Bangkok near the start of the year.

In March, I needed to get out of Chiang Mai because it was burning season (the air gets very polluted around this time as they burn the forest).

She invited me to live with her for 3 weeks in Australia. I thought, “eh, why not?”.

Note that I only met her once (probably 3 hours face to face).

Long story short, I got there, couldn’t stand living with her after 4 days and booked a flight to New Zealand. I talk more about this here: https://anthonyco.net/standing-up-for-your-values/

Lesson: Don’t fly to another country and live with someone if you only met them once.


9. Mastermind

What’s the best way to grow as a person?

By doing it with other people and keeping each other accountable.

I’ve been having weekly calls 1-1.5 hours per week with 3-4 other guys, and the results have been crazy.

They’re able to pinpoint things I was blind to, and every week, I’m just getting better and better.

Lesson: If you want to reach your goal faster, have accountability with someone.

Mastermind call
My Previous Mastermind

10. Travel

I traveled (and lived) in a few places this year: Bangkok, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand, and Chiang Mai.

Every time I traveled to a new place, I always learned something new about myself.

Highly recommended for everyone to break their routine and try to go somewhere new at least once a month.

Lesson: break your routine and go somewhere new at least once a month – note the keyword “new.”


11. My first Life coach session.

I talk about this here: https://anthonyco.net/my-first-life-coaching-session/

Lesson: Life coaches ain’t so bad

2018 Goals: Did I Achieve Them?

Why Did I set these goals?

You can read about them here: https://anthonyco.net/my-2017-review/

PASS – More Data Orientated

What gets measured, gets managed.

I track every important metric that will lead to my success. Some things I track include:

  • Sleep duration every night
  • Resting heart rate
  • Workouts
  • Meditation
  • Diet
  • etc.

Here’s my daily tracking sheet that I do every day

See here for the actual tracking sheet

PASS – 4K/month USD ($5.9K NZD)

When my monthly income surpassed my monthly salary as engineering, it felt fucking amazing.

AND, the best part is that what i do doesn’t feel like work and the fact that i can work anywhere and anytime, yeah… fucking amazing.

Big growth to come in 2019.

PASS – Less conflict avoident

I feel like I’m too much of a nice guy and let people get away with shit. I should say something, but I don’t as I don’t want conflict.

I’d say I passed this, this year.

Example scenarios:

  • Ask for a higher raise
  • Be harsh on members of my team
  • Be harsh and honest with my friends
  • End relationships that weren’t working out
  • Keeping my boundaries up and speaking up when it was pushed.

2019 Goals

The same theme this year.

I’m gonna keep it short as too many goals will be overwhelming.

I’m gonna create a goal for each of the main pillars in life:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Social
  • Personal Growth

So here it is.

  1. Let Go of Self limiting beliefs and insecurities
  2. Look fucking amazing
  3. Make $75K Total

You’ll notice there’s no goal for social.

Yeah… I feel this isn’t a priority in my life at the moment.

Dating, circle of friends, family,… yeah, it may not be 10/10 at the moment, but I’m ok with it in the meantime. Maybe that’s my introverted self talking, that I don’t need anyone to help me reach my goals.

I know it’s gonna bite me in the ass later… maybe that’s something I can work on in 2020?

Oh yeah, I’m probably gonna move on from Chiang Mai. Ain’t got time for the baby stuff anymore. If you wanna get to the top, you need to be in the same environment as all the A players.

What are your goals?

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  1. Hey Anthony, very encouraging to see things working out for you career wise. Especially as I’m currently working through Seth’s course myself. Hey in regards to socially I’m also introverted and tend to get stuck in my head. To snap out of this I found a book called Fire from Within by Carlos Castaneda helped break my paradigm and also teachings from rsdfreetour on YouTube. Thanks for sharing your journey, its helped me get focused again.

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