Thank you

Last Updated: 24 March 2018 – my birthday!

It’s funny how certain individuals have the ability to influence one’s life, even if they were in their life for a short period of time, and sometimes never physically appearing there.

These people have had a significant impact on my life, influencing the way I think and taught me important lessons. They are people that I have either known personally over the years or maybe met them once or just never meeting them at all. That’s the power of books and videos. It allows us to get a glimpse of who they are as an individual even if they were alive thousands of years ago.

In no particular order, I just want to say:

Ryan Holiday – Thank you for showing me stoic philosophy

Tai Lopez – Thank you for shifting my perspective of life and making me want something greater

Tim Ferriss – Thank you for showing me how you can achieve work-life balance and installing me the location independent freedom lifestyle dream.

Marcus Aurelius – Thank you for showing me that even though I don’t have the ability to control the events that happen to me, I will always have the ability to control my perspective of them.

Lena Zhang – Thank you for everything

Joe Delaney – Thank you for showing me not to take things so seriously and that life is a party

Ben Alexander – Thank you for your mentorship and how to be more confident

Karl Kangur – Thank you for giving me an opportunity

Hami Mahdavi – Even though I met you once and chilled with you for a few hours, you really made an impact with your personality

Aaron Barnett – Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and teaching me a thing or two in the 2 months I was in Wellington.

Ricky Situ – Thanks for showing me how beautiful nature is and not to take life so seriously. Thanks for everything.

Seneca – Thank you for teaching me how life is long only if I know how to use it

Vi – Thanks for showing me how to feel again, and teaching me a lot about people, business, and life.

Bruno – Only got to meet you for a few days but thanks for showing me social interaction and how to live like a true alpha male

Hugo – Thank you for the good times, talks about life and always having my back. We will reach our dream one day.

Kieran – You’re the first guy I connected in Vietnam, the guy who always had my back and believed in me. We started in the same boat, and though we haven’t reached our dreams yet, we’re surrounded by the right people so it’s only a matter of time until we get there. Thanks for pushing me, teaching me a thing or two about being a high-valued guy and how you need to be assertive in life to get shit you want. If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be wandering around aimlessly depressed and on walking street talking to random girls.

Willie – Funny how we bonded over our field reports in the office. Cheers for the good times and business advice in Vietnam and Thailand. Our deep talks about life, personal development, girls, business, everything – shit was good. You probably helped me the most in my entrepreneurial journey even though your 30x times ahead of me in this game even though you could be killing it with other high-level guys in the game. Appreciate it.

Alister – Something about your aura that pushes me and wanna make me great. Though we didn’t chill long, you always had my back in terms of friendship and business.

Jay – Funny how you just got to be at the right place and at the right time – like that tinder date. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be surrounded with some of the world’s best in the industry. People would kill for this, so thank you.

Koen – We’re both at rock bottom. SEO is a tough industry. Appreciate how you’re pushing me further in this industry and always having my back. Your one or two tips about SEO, life, and game, though it may be small, it really made a big difference.

Marc – We’re both doing SEO and we’re both in the same mastermind, but what you showed me and taught me the most was to have a good time and live life to the fullest. I take life and business way too seriously, working ridiculous hours, but you are always there to drag me away from my work. Really appreciate it.