Which path do you choose?

Discipline is the secret to get whatever you want out of life.

Develop a strong discipline not to seek short term gratification and not get distracted by what everyone else is doing around you.

Long term gratification, that is compound interest, is what you should seek.

Like Einstein said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.”

If you are in your 20s and fit into that professional 9-5 crowd, you probably see the people around you seeking a middle-class lifestyle. They take three weeks of vacation a year, go to nice restaurants every once in a while, drink a lot, and spend weekends on Netflix. They dabble in drugs and do fun things to post them on Instagram.

Short term gratification was paid to them and they became addicted to living this kind of lifestyle.

Take, for example, another guy in his 20s who knows what he wants and develops a plan of action to achieve this. He dedicates his life to creating a business or making a career and makes everything else come to life – sculpting a fit, healthy body, an abundance of women and creates a high-value social.

There was no glory for all the time he spent reading books, learning, saving money to invest, and spending money on building a network of high-caliber people.

15 years down to the road, the short term thinking guy at best will end up with a 25-year mortgage, a MEDIOCRE wife, and 2 AVERAGE kids who go to public school. He drives a Nissan, has a job that stresses him out every day, and worries about losing his job all the time. He continues spending money and time on the wrong things – Netflix, a new flat big-screen tv and 3 weeks of vacation is not going to de-stress you.

The long term thinking guy will end up with a multi-million dollar business or career and multiple income properties that he rents out, which equals the short term thinking guy’s full-time income.

People around him respect him greatly, has a 10/10 model wife, and 2 kids which he could afford to send to private school.

Because of compounding interest he built with his empire, he is now able to spend money and time on the stupid stuff without causing him any long term damage.

Which path do you choose?

Once you have chosen your path, develop the strong discipline to stay on course.

When you’re grinding towards your dream, it does not mean you’re suffering.

Many people mistake this when I tell them I grind 10-12 hours every day, 7 days a week.

It’s completely the opposite.

I feel a sense of euphoric feeling knowing the quiet and subtle actions I take every day is bringing me closer to my goal.

Do not listen to what everyone else says.

They may say things like, “come on man, take it easy. You work too hard. Come for a drink.” or “Your car is so old. You should buy a new car with a loan”.

This is their path, not yours.

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