Who Are You Becoming?

If you asked my friends who I was three years ago (when I was 23), they would say something along the lines of: shy, awkward, unconfident, anxious, and not smart.

Now, you ask people who I am now (26), they would say something along the lines of: confident, risk taker, does not give a fuck what other people think and someone that thinks 10 years ahead of his age.

Over the years, I’ve honed in on myself, having many paradigm shifts and being conscious of my mind and body.

What I’m about to tell you is a concept that has dramatically changed the way I think, feel, and react in the world.

It’s one of the most powerful things you can ever learn and once you understand it, you will be able to achieve ANY feat.

I’m not joking.

Are you ready to learn what it is?

It’s to let go of your current identity. Every day, we’re all striving to become someone (or something).

  • A millionaire
  • A kickboxing champion
  • A guy with 20kg extra muscles and a six pack
  • A nomadic traveler
  • A better public speaker
  • Someone with good social skills

This is called our “future self.”

Every day, we’re working towards it.

However, who you are now is NOT worthy of success.

Do you want to be a millionaire? Well, it’s impossible for you to become a millionaire.

Do you want to be a better public speaker? Well, that’s impossible for you.

Everything you want to become is impossible.

To be successful, you have to become that person that deserves success.

Your current self is what’s stopping you from reaching success. It’s your beliefs that’s preventing you from achieving greatness. Beliefs like:

  • I’m bad at public speaking
  • I’m bad with women
  • I’m shy
  • I’m fat
  • I’m not smart

Maybe all your life, you’ve been told that you’re not good at maths. Any job or task that requires some mathematics your way, you freak out and say, “Nope, not for me. I’m bad at maths.”

You’ve told yourself all you’re life that you’re bad with women. When you go out to the bars with your boys and some girl from afar gives you look like she’s interested, you pussy out. “Dam, I wish I could go up and talk to her but I’m just not that kind of guy”.

The biggest problem I see in 99% of people these days is that they think their current identity is static.

They don’t realize that your current self is NOT STATIC.

We humans change.

If you take a personality test today, and 12 months later, you take it again, you should not be surprised if your personality has changed. It’s not the test’s fault. It’s because we humans are constantly changing. We can adapt to any situation – even our personality and beliefs.

Like I said before, To be successful, you have to become that person that deserves success – it’s how nature works. It’s very rare for someone to be successful without working for it. That’s why lottery winners usually lose all their earnings as they’re not used to so much money.

You need to understand that the self doesn’t exist – it’s an illusion clinging to an identity built up by the past.

You’re NOT anybody.

You’re so fixated on your current identity that you won’t give it up.

“I can’t do it because I’m not good at talking to girls.”

“I can’t do it because I have social anxiety.”

“I can’t do it because I’m not good at public speaking.” – I’m actually terrible at public speaking, and THAT is why I accepted the opportunity to talk at the Chiang Mai SEO conference. Sure, I’m bad now, but that doesn’t mean my future 6-month self is going to be bad.

You just won’t let go of it.


You need to let go of your identity if you want to succeed.

The moment you understand this is the moment you will see success.

Who I am today is not who I was 6 months ago. Sure, my name is still Anthony; I’m that Chinese guys from New Zealand, but I’m a TOTALLY different being, every single cell in my body is different – even my brain is different  – new synapses and pathways have been formed.

Everyone in the world wants to improve and have success but to improve; you MUST become the person you want to become.

You must let go of your identity – it’s only an illusion that’s holding you back.

Once you change the belief of yourself, your belief will become your reality. It doesn’t matter what is true; only what you believe is true.

If you believe in ghosts, and you hear some rattling and crackling sound in the middle of the night, you will think it’s a ghost. If you don’t believe in ghosts, you’re going to think it’s some tree branch brushing against your window.

How you view the world shapes how you react in the world, how you act in the world, and how people perceive you.

So are you going to drop your self-identity?

Are you going to stop asking yourself, “who am I?”

Are you going to start asking yourself, “Who am I becoming?”

3 thoughts on “Who Are You Becoming?”

  1. Hey Anthony, hope you are well. Great article, thank you for sharing your experience. Also thank you for pointing me towards Jordan Peterson’s Self Authoring course. It helped me identify past trauma which was subconsciously preventing me from participating and contributing in life.

      1. Yes, the I’m on the future authoring part of the course now. It’s great! Because I have meaning and strategy now!

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