Entitlement: Why You Can’t Get Laid

This post is for all the people who want to get laid. The people that want a bit of pussy, or the girls that want a bit of D.

So, the other night I went out to the clubs in Chiang Mai.

While I was at the bar grabbing a drink, I met these two guys from London – one white guy and one Indian guy. Both guys were in their early thirties, where one guy was in finance and the other guy was a lawyer – the classic corporate guys taking a holiday in Thailand. They seem like pretty nice guys.

The topic about girls soon came about and how they were telling me that their favorite favorite part about Bangkok was the red light district stuff. They were so happy, I could see it in their eyes. Keep in mind that these guys had girlfriends back home so they’re being bad boys out here in Thailand. Nothing new here… I see a lot of guys give in to their natural urge… but that’s a topic for another time.

OK, yeah, whatever floats your boat.

But then… the topic went about how they can’t get Thai girls naturally (not paying for it). So they just “pay” to get these girls.

The Indian guy said, “yeah… I think it’s the fact that I’m Indian. Thai girls don’t like Indians”.

We then walked to the crowded area of the bar because I wanted to help these guys. I wanted to prove a point that it’s not hard and that it’s not rocket science.

Taking them to the dance floor area, these guys just looked awkward being there, like stiff robots.

Ok whatever, I’ll just try to be a good wing.

I see a cute Thai girl.

I say hi and introduce her to my new friend – the white dude.

Jesus… that was bad… the guy looked so nervous and awkward. He kept looking all around him while talking.

10 seconds later, he ejects and walks back to the Indian guy and me.

What happened I ask? “yeah, I don’t know… I think she doesn’t like me”.

Jesus these guys are awkward. They’re kind of killing the fun vibe.

I say bye.

I go meet up with some other friends.

I then get introduced to the friend’s friend.

10 minutes later, while we’re just talking, my friend (drunk) blurts out that her friend has never had a boyfriend and is a virgin.

She was 27 years old which was surprising.

I asked, “Really? Why? You’ve never had a guy ask you out? Or even just random one night stand?”


I found this interesting as she seemed like an outgoing person.


So… you’re probably wondering why I’m saying all this? Random story, I know. But, I want to point the question of why can’t these guys get laid?

The two London guys, these guys seem like respectable nice guys, with a good profession and earning good money.

Well, the Indian guy said, “yeah… I think it’s the fact that I’m Indian. Thai girls don’t like Indians.”

Yeah, I get it. Asian girls in general typically are not attracted to Indian guys (no, I’m not racist. It’s the facts.).

That could be the issue… but no.

It’s because your physical appearance is shit. You’re fat. Your haircut is a badly grown out afro (hen was the last time you got a haircut?). And, you’re dressed like shit – the guy was wearing some baggy non-fitted dress shirt with some baggy dress pants.

You can’t just pull out the Indian race card. I’ve seen plenty of Indian guys with Thai girlfriends.

The main question the guy should be asking himself is, does he honestly feel entitled to have a girl?

The white guy? Well… he was dressed “okay” – not shit, but not amazing. And… he did talk to a girl.., but he was not socially calibrated at all. Dude was so nervous and stiff.

The girl, she could easily “give it up” if she wanted – let’s be honest, girls have it easier than guys, they have more options.

So, she wanted a boyfriend and complaining that no guy is interested in her. Why?

Well, this might sound mean, but it’s because she was a little on the round side (Fat). And while we were all hanging out, she ordered two slices of pizza – oh yeah, if you didn’t know, the average calorie per pizza slice is approx 270 calories. That’s 540 calories right there…

Look, I’m fine with you eating pizza and all that. It doesn’t bother me but, the moment you complain that you can’t find a guy, well… why do you think that?

fat girl memeDo you really feel entitled that you can have a 180+ cm, fit and buff model boyfriend?

Entitlement is the biggest factor in determining what kind of people you can attract or what success you can obtain. 

The guy that spends his whole day sitting on his fat ass eating Doritos and watching Netflix all night, does he deserve to a high-quality girlfriend?

The guy that never takes risks and never dares to improves himself, and complains when life gets hard, does he deserve to be successful financially?

Does the fat guy that spends his whole day raiding dungeons and leveling up his troll rogue World of Warcraft character, does he honestly think he deserves his dream girl?

If you couldn’t’ guess the answer, the answer is no.

Like Attracts Like

Am I harsh? Maybe.

Is it the truth? Yes.

It’s like what they say, like attracts like.

Like minded people attract like-minded people.

The famous and rich hang out with other famous and rich people — Dan Bilzerian, Steve Aoki, models, and DJs. These guys hang out with people up to their level.

Fitness bodybuilders hang out with other fitness bodybuilders.

Moms hang out with other moms.

You get the idea.

So, why would a supermodel be hanging out with a fat dude with no social skills whatsoever?

Maximizing The 4 Main Factors to Getting Laid

Okay, I think you get the idea.

I know what you’re thinking now, “how do I get laid?”

Pretty simple. You reverse engineer what girls find attractive to a guy. There are many factors, and this is generalizing, but, the main things are basically:

  1. Money
  2. Social Status
  3. Physical appearance
  4. Socially calibrated

What it all comes down to is maximizing your potential.

You have to improve at least one of these aspects if you wanna get laid – the more, the better, of course.

Look, you don’t have to be at the extreme level, i.e., a millionaire, a bodybuilder, a famous movie star, etc, but all you need to be is be above average.

If you’re above average, you stand out from the crowd.

1. Money

Girls love guys with money. No, I don’t just mean gold diggers but girls “generally” love guys with money. It’s hard-wired into the girls DNA. Girls back in the hunter-gatherer days, their #1 goal was survival. This meant that reproduction (aka, making babies) was their goal, so because of this, they were always looking for an alpha male that could protect them while they’re susceptible to danger for 9 months. And, even after the 9 months, they needed the guy to protect the baby and her.

This all translates to girls looking for a “provider,” where money represents this sense of security.

I know it’s not all girls, but look, girls seriously are attracted to guys with money. You can argue all you want, but you generally see all these models with the rich guy.

How you can improve this area

Working on a laptop on the busBasically, you need to make more money. Simple, I know. You could view making money as an evil thing, but this is one of the best things you can do to improve yourself in my experience. When you start your own business or start your side hustle, you’re putting yourself out there.

You’re doing uncomfortable things that not everyone is willing to do.

By doing this, you’re going to change to a better human being – a stronger one.

To make more money, you have to change yourself. You can’t expect your old self to make the same amount of money as you would one year down the road.

I recommend building an online business – it’s literally the way to go today’s age. All you need is a laptop.

Work anywhere and anytime. What else could you ask for?

2. Social status

This is self-explanatory. You see girls flock to guys DJs, movie actors, artists, etc. What do they all have in common? Social fame.

Even if you’re a nobody, if you’re a guy with 20K followers on Instagram, girls will instantly feel attracted to you. All because you have a fat 20K number on your followers. It’s fucked, but it’s true. It represents your social currency.

How you can improve this area

Yeah… can’t help you here as I haven’t cracked this myself. There are two ways I would go about doing this – building a brand for myself via online marketing/content creation or… I would make friends with high-status people and piggyback on their brand. Asshole move? Maybe?

3. Physical appearance

Also self-explanatory. If you look good, it’s that much easier to attract girls.

Yes, looks aren’t everything, which isn’t as with the previous two points, if you’re not a good looking guy, but you have either money or fame, you can get away with this. But, if you have neither, you NEED to look somewhat decent.

How you can improve this area

This is pretty easy to fix. Just don’t look like shit and be “above average.” This includes your physique – don’t be fat, have low body fat percentage, some decent muscle mass and ideally, abs. There are also other factors to maximize your looks – don’t dress shit (have well-fitted clothing that matches your style), good hygiene, etc. The basics guys. All you’re doing is trying to max out your looks and be above average.

4. Social freedom

Presentations, interviews, approaching girls, talking to strangers, etc., these are all everyday situations we get ourselves in when we feel social anxiety. Sure, you can get awkward and nervous, but that’s normal. It is possible to get anxiety every so often even if you’ve done these on a daily basis for 10+ years. Regardless, it’s that even though you feel this anxiety, 95% of the time, you still do it.

It’s the people that can move around and perform in social any environment is what makes them highly attractive to people. It’s what separates them from the average guy. From the outside, they do whatever the fuck they want without the care of what other people think. If they screw up, get rejected, embarrass themselves, they don’t let this external event (that they cannot control) affect them.

How you can improve this area

Social freedom is all about social calibration and social awareness.

Sure, even if you have money, looks, and fame, but you’re not socially aware or calibrated, you’re not going to get laid. If you cannot maintain a normal decent conversation for 10 minutes with a stranger without ejecting, you’re not going to get laid. Sure, you can get a number and hide behind your screen and message them, but this isn’t going to get you far in life.

If you develop your social skills, this alone is going to dramatically improve every aspect of your like – business, friends, family, relationships, etc. It’s a core skill to learn in life.


How do you develop it? Practice.

Yes, it’s cheesy, but that’s the truth. I was always shy and never spoke out throughout my life – throughout high school and university. in 2016, the year after university and while I was living in Auckland, I had to get this area of my life down. I don’t have to be a social butterfly, but I had to have above average social skills and not look like a fucking retard whenever I meet someone for the first time.

This is what I did: go out a minimum of 3 times a week. Social events, bars, clubs, etc. I tried talking to strangers during my lunch breaks (and I did meet some cool people while doing this). And, with the alcohol? I did not drink this at all, even during the nightlife scene. Because look, to really train your social skills, you cannot have alcohol as your “safety net,” the thing you need to rely on in social environments.


Also, learn to put yourself out more. Organize meetups, join toastmasters if you’re scared of public speaking, talk to people you regularly see at the gym, them people at work that you never talk to.

Next thing you know, when you tell people you’re shy, they’re gonna say “f*ck no, you’re one of the most social guys I know.”

I know these aren’t everything in attracting a girl, but these are the main stuff. Sure, I skipped things like being genuine, funny, intelligent, honest, self confidence etc., but those are minor when you compare it with these previous points. You can get away with a shitty personality if you have money, social fame, or look fucking good.

The Underlying Lesson behind Getting Laid

That’s really it to get laid – you just have to be above average.

Look, I know that getting laid is not the #1 priority for everyone but, the moment you cry about how you can’t get a boyfriend, how you can’t get a girl because of your race, take a deep hard look at yourself and ask yourself:

Am I entitled?

Do I deserve it?

Build a business.

Look good.

Hit the gym.

Dress well.

Have good style.

Develop impeccable social skills and self-confidence.

If you develop these, I guarantee you; you will get laid.

Also, the point of this post is not to reinforce the “Getting laid” part – but that is a bonus.

The point of this post was to reinforce the concept of entitlement.

Sure, everyone wants something in life – more money, a Lamborghini, a hot supermodel girlfriend, to be able to travel the world, to be famous, whatever.

Whatever it is, are you entitled to have this?

Have you put in the hard yards to get it?

Are you improving yourself everyday to get what you want?

Or, are you just sitting on your fat ass crying and complaining about hard life is.

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  1. Interesting blog! On the topic of physical appearance, I also think it’s amazing how much of a difference personal hygiene makes. Even if you aren’t naturally good-looking, you can definitely control getting a haircut, shaving facial hair, taking care of your skin, wearing neat, fitted clothes etc. Basically sending out the message, “I respect and take care of myself.”

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